1st intervention at Skala EcoVillage Greece

Biogas installation in Skala, Greece

Project Goal: Introduction of modules for a regenerative design of regional autonomy in the areas of water, food and energy. The objective is to combine training with on-site implementation in a communitarian setting and to visualize the potential of the terrain and its integration into the surrounding landscape. The intervention aims to integrate ecological, technological as well as social aspects.

The essence of the ecological intervention is the development of a way of water management which takes the natural water cycles as well as the reality of the surrounding landscape into consideration. This new manner of water management is the base for the infrastructure measures that need to be taken for regional water and food sovereignty.
The essence of the technological intervention is the introduction of the technology of decentralised biogas digesters as a local energy supply.

This report covers a blueprint intervention from August 22nd to 30th 2015 at Skala Ecovillage in Zagkliveri, Regional Unit Chalkidiki, Greece

The initiative for this blueprint intervention arose from the GEN+20 summit in Findhorn in July 2015 and shall give an answer to the current crisis in Greece.
The intervention took place during the 'Skala Summer Community Gathering‘ and a 'Network Meeting‘. 40 members of the Skala community and guests participated in the 'Permaculture Design Education‘. Jay Abrahams, Bernd Walter Müller, Martin Funk, Christine Fischer and Sandra Imhof are the team of blueprint for the training and the implementation.
The report consists in a description of the situation, our observation, the given recommendations, the intervention and the education. A short introduction of the principles of the Water Retention Landscape and of biogas technology is given.
Photos of the assessed issues and the intervention are part of the annex.
Links to practical solutions direct to more detailed information.

For more information please download the entire report. 


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