blueprint200 - 2017 Project Report

Please download the full report. (PDF)

PORTUGAL - Honoring the Blueprint Alliance for the value it places on the collaborative process, Blueprint200 starts here, with interviewing key players, officials, volunteers, refugees, and camp designers, and synthesizing the findings with the major takeaways of our research. First-hand, direct experience is invaluable and deserves prominent foundational placement, sturdy ground, upon which Blueprint 200 grows;

This work-step was conducted in attentive care, as it injects the human perspective and professional experience into our work: observation, implementation strategies, challenges, successes, ambitions, and suggestions for improving practices. Our interviews included discussions with many refugees as well, in their respective settlement setting. We interviewed 34 people, over the course of five months, each carrying their own respective experience and insights from around the world, including Blueprint Alliance, permaculture designers, humanitarian relief workers, educators, policy makers, as well as 20 refugees within the Saharawi refugee camps in Algeria. Interviews were conducted via text, over the phone, and in person.

It is only with the input and collaboration from diverse groups of people that Blueprint 200 will take its highest possible form; a blend of alternative and appropriate technology, humanity, ecology, and architecture, imbued with the spirit of cooperation, a summation greater than its individual parts.

This type of collaboration is not meant to end with the close of this interview process. Blueprint 200 must endeavor to always integrate additional considerations and feedback, ultimately cultivating the fertile ground required for the profound human growth and planetary regeneration which is the ultimate goal.


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