New Core Members and Exciting BP200 Report at our September 2017 Meeting

Our previous March meeting was about strengthing and building the organism of Blueprint and recommitting - the September meeting was mainly about work! Sharing the harvest of the seeds planted with the dream of BP200.

The BP200 Workgroup presented the summary of their work of the past six months, shared the basis of a new framework which can also help to organise the collaboration of Blueprint members around the theme of designing regenerative camps & settlements. The framework includes design guidelines, the regenerative continuum for refugee camps and a pattern language. After some feedback, it was decided that this framework sits within the main Blueprint Alliance core ethics and principles (to be refined by the Council). The work presented also included schematic designs for the demonstration site to be built at Tamera.

The Living Manual team presented 4 levels of possible approaches for the BP200 educational framework mainly based around target audience and scope. The BPA folk recommended to focus on decisions makers rather than refugees themselves and to begin the work as a repository for the pattern language and solutions database. The team will continue to hold the main education aspects of Blueprint.

The Tamera BP200 workgroup also presented their funding brochure to be featured in Christoph’s funding tour in the USA. The idea is to fundraise for continuing the BP200 project, as well as, building the demo site next year. Last, but not least, Brecht and Nick are the new BP Core members.

Please read our report here. (PDF)


Persons:  Ruth Andrade

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