Work in Skala, Greece completed

Skala Swales

The first Blueprint capacity building in Greece was very successful. The impulse for this intervention arose from the GEN+20 summit in Findhorn in July 2015 as a response to the current crisis in the country. In August, during the 'Skala Summer Community Gathering' and a network meeting, 40 members of the Skala community and guests participated in the Permaculture Design Education event. A group, which included Jay Abrahams, Bernd Müller, Martin Funk, Christine Fischer and Sandra Imhof, were the Blueprint team for the training and implementation.

Blueprint Meeting at Tamera, Portugal

Blueprint Meeting

We gathered for a two-day meeting at Tamera with members of the Blueprint Network to carry on the development of this collaborative community and learning network, whose members share a common set of values and bring distinctive skills that can be integrated into the design of regenerative patterns for human settlements, especially in areas vulnerable to natural and manmade disasters.