Blueprint is an alliance of organisations and individuals collaborating on integrated design solutions for regenerative human settlements - inspired by the ground-breaking work of Paulo Mellett.

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Prefabricated Straw panels - fire & earthquake resistance testing

Using natural, renewable and locally available materials is the ideal solution for increasing community resilience, reducing costs and the environmental impact that shelter construction can have. However, with the increase in natural and man-made disasters, this more beneficial form of building must also be able to withstand the harshest of threats to further increase local resilience.

Blueprint200 design session in Malvern, UK

A method for designing resilient and regenerative human settlements which are also modular and scalable. That is our vision; a design methodology which would provide safety, shelter and purpose to 200 people in emergency displacement while caring for the land on which the settlement is established. As a core project of Blueprint Alliance, it emcompasses the skills of all our members ensuring...

The project in Nepal started from a need to see a more integrated whole-systems response to the rebuilding efforts after the 2015 earthquake.

Through the relief agency ACTED International, Magnus Wolfe Murray, spent several weeks visiting Lebanon, observing and assessing the situation in order to give recommendations on improving local resilience, as well as designing a programme for an EU funding proposal. The project responds to an EU call for proposals to address food security and livelihoods which are both...

Biogas installation in Skala, Greece

Project Goal: Introduction of modules for a regenerative design of regional autonomy in the areas of water, food and energy.

Bee Rowan showing the various stabilised samples

A donation from Lush Charity Pot North America supported the Blueprint Experiment Week, August 2015 in Southern Portugal. The purpose of the Blueprint Experiment Week was to explore the synergistic effects of different fields of expertise and experts in offering solutions to meet our basic needs. The main objectives of our time together were to:

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